• I like to listen

    The single most important thing I do is listen. When I’ve heard all of the client’s needs, I’m more likely to anticipate their notes. I can correct the team’s course before the client has even seen the product. At the same time, when my coworkers know someone has heard them, they are happier even if the work before them is frustrating.

    Listening means I'm surprised less often. It also means people are much more likely to listen to me in return.

  • People are interesting

    A client does not provide a list of needs, pay a deposit and wait patiently for three months to be sent a link to a live, in-production website. The journey matters, and how we show progress matters. Likewise, it is important which team member gets what task and when. No human being is the same everyday. I want to understand the motivations and obstacles standing in front of my teammates. The right task for the right person might get them out of a funk, keep them on a roll, or prevent them from burning out.

  • I take pride in my work

    The best projects I’ve worked on were the ones when everyone on the project agreed: this project matters. Why it matters is up to us. Maybe the final product will have a positive impact on the public. Maybe this is a chance for us to finally get to use a new framework. Maybe this is a moment for us to iron out the kinks in our process. What we do should have meaning and that sense of purpose can come from anyone. My goal is to reinforce that feeling, and in the event it’s missing, find it.

Professional Experience

  • Worked with clients to approve design, and approve final delivered work. Created stories for developers that could be delivered inside two-week sprints.

    • Fortune 500 Bank: Coordinated between the bank’s internal teams and our developers to build and deliver a knowledge portal and information management system used by tens of thousands of staff members across the globe. Worked with bank stakeholders and our design team to translate approved designs into user stories for developers, and ensured timely delivery of those stories across multiple MVPs.
    • The Breakthrough Institute/Third Way: Led a team of four developers to create two brand new, responsive, public-facing websites with integrated CMS’s and reporting functionality.
  • Brought 15+ projects from concept to completion in 3-12 months for enterprise clients and internal stakeholders.

    • Channel X, VuHaus (Live Sessions NPR): Created a marketplace for producers of public media to sell their content directly to public radio stations. Later, helped to convert the site into a media repository for NPR music, including a video player that highlights live music sessions with the ability for users to listen to, watch, and create their own playlists.
    • Renaissance Learning: Rebuilt the core reporting infrastructure, saving millions of dollars per year, and allowing teachers to access new metrics when evaluating how their students were learning and progressing from semester to semester.
    • Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center: Created a responsive site hosting all documentation and developer resources for the Artik IoT platform to improve cross-team collaboration and support.
    • The Telluride Film Festival: Migrated the festival’s existing content into Craft CMS and created a new themeable, responsive website to handle festival event information. Codedand deployed annual updates and upgrades over the course of a 4-year engagement.
    • American multinational corporation: Worked alongside internal teams at one of the largest software corporations in the world to create graph and data visualization components using Angular.
  • Maintained the primary brand site and created campaign-driven microsites for Nike Skateboarding and Nike Snowboarding. Helped to develop the launch website for the Nike Fuel band.

  • Lead developer for a team focused on solutions for small business and non-profits. In charge of technical implementation and support for commissioned web apps, as well as rolling out instances of 'out-of-the-box' products with high-end customization. Experience with working with other technical and creative vendors to realize common goals for the client. Familiar with intense collaboration with fellow developers, including clean code, code reviews, and git repositories. Familiarity with popular projects such as MODx, Doctrine, CiviCRM, as well as experience with custom in-house libraries.

  • Web designer and developer for small, retail focused firm in Portland, Oregon. Oversaw web projects from beginning to end — from design to construction to needed backend implementation. Managed clients and scheduling for each project. Implemented database-driven websites for product-focused companies, as well as custom ecommerce solutions integrated with popular merchant services.

  • Frontend designer working heavily in semantic HTML, JS and PHP-based Smarty templating system. In charge of preparing concepts as well as final art in Photoshop and Illustrator, reviewing each phase with clients and making final edits before translating all artwork into actual markup. Collaborated with lead programmer to integrate frontend with in-house CMS solution to bring project to completion.